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Handi-Man Marine

Handi-Man Marine

Built to withstand the rigors of marine life, you can count on Handi-Man Marine products to secure or repair your boats, docks and accessories. Handi-Man Marine will do what it takes to get you taken care of - guaranteed. Handi-Man Marine has been selling fasteners to the marine industry for over 30 years and they only do it one way - the right way! Handi-Man Marine is committed to your success and is your "One Stop Source".

Export Data Easily

CWR understands how important data export is to allowing your business to thrive. From order history to shipment data files to product files and beyond, we provide a variety of ways to view and analyze data on your end.

Knowledge About Products

If you need technical help with any of our products, we can help with that. Whether a product isn't working correctly or your customer has questions about its operation that you aren't quite sure how to answer, we have your back, and we know what we're talking about.

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