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mazu M2500 System Includes ISI-2000, IGT-2100 w/30' Cable, Keypad & ISI-2000 Power Cable

mazu M2500 System Includes ISI-2000, IGT-2100 w/30' Cable, Keypad & ISI-2000 Power Cable

M2500 System Includes ISI-2000, IGT-2100 with 30' Cable, Keypad & ISI-2000 Power Cable

Going offshore? Don’t settle for outdated weather forecasts, old fishing data and not being able to send or receive messages. Get access to all these things and more offshore, or from anywhere in the world, with the mazu m2500 Satellite System.

Using innovative apps and software, paired with hardware using the Iridium satellite network, the mazu m2500 Satellite System is designed to make your fishing, cruising or any other offshore trip safe, successful and productive. Options to use the software include the mazu iPad app, Raymarine Axiom MFD, iPhone (for communication functions only), or any device with a web browser.

Global Coverage - Affordable and reliable satellite service.

  • 100% global, reliable service using the Iridium satellite network

Weather - Use up to date weather for planning and navigation

  • Live and historic buoy information
  • Seven-day wind and wave point forecasts
  • Seven-day atmospheric point forecasts
  • NOAA text forecasts
  • GRIB overlays
  • NEXRAD precipitation overlays
  • Weather alerts

Sea surface temperature and chlorophyll – Find the breaks wherever you are

  • Satellite produced sea surface temperature charts
  • Cloud free sea surface temperature charts
  • Satellite produced chlorophyll charts
  • Overlay directly onto your map
  • Updated daily

ROFFS reports

  • If you’re a ROFFS customer you can view your ROFFS reports in the mazu iPad app
  • See ROFFS fishing hotspots directly on a map, overlaid with sea state information such as SST and chlorophyll
  • Update your ROFFS report while offshore to have the latest, most accurate data

mazuChat – Work as a team

  • Join and manage group chats
  • See your location and friends locations on your map
  • Customize who can see and chat with you

Email and SMS - Communication is easy even out at sea or in remote ports

  • Send and receive emails and SMS text messages
  • Use any device
  • Send friends and family automatic updates with your position

Navigation - Easy route planning and tracking

  • Overlay nautical charts
  • On-screen tracking
  • Import and export routes
  • Create and edit routes
  • Real time navigation dashboard including NMEA 2000 navigation and weather data

SOS - 24/7/365 search and rescue emergency response

  • Responders know your vessel name and position immediately upon activation of SOS
  • Two-way communication with responders to let them know the emergency at hand
  • Global network of search and rescue response

Worldwide Remote Monitoring and Control - Know where your boat is and what is happening onboard

  • Monitor and control your boat from anywhere in the world using the Sentry add on
  • Receive text or email alerts regarding vital vessel functions, power, bilge status, intruders
  • Receive daily boat status updates when away from vessel
  • Activate remotely via satellite: Sound alarms, turn on lights, fridges, AC or emergency pumps
  • Emergency notifications: power is out, high water, vessel has moved, battery is low
  • Custom rule creation: turn on lights and siren if door is opened. Bilge alarm activates spare pump
  • Geo-fencing: Leaves Zone. Vessel moves outside of a marina or drags anchor
  • Geo-fencing: Enters Zone. Vessel enters territorial waters. Vessel goes near reef or shoal

Easy to use: 

The mazu iPad app is easy-to-use and makes planning your sailing or fishing trip easy. Save money when on shore, or near shore because mazu can be used via Wi-Fi and cellular when available. Once away from land-based internet sources, simply connect the iPad wirelessly to the onboard mazu system and continue using via satellite. No need for complicated modems or interfacing systems. Mazu works simply and wirelessly. You can connect to the m2500 system with the mazu iPad app, Raymarine Axiom MFD, or any smart device with a browser.

Easy Set Up: 

Simple, anyone can do it, DIY installation. The mazu system consists of just three pieces of hardware: the smart antenna, communicator box, and the illuminated keypad. One wire with both power and data connects the base unit and smart antenna. The antenna can be flush or rail mounted using a standard 1"-14 marine mount. Four screws mount the illuminated keypad which provides SOS initiation, monitoring of the Sentry sensors/actuators and a message waiting light. Connect the three components, the power cable (12-24V DC), activate the system and you are ready to go. Low power consumption of only four watts when transmitting.

Connection Plans for all budgets: 

Affordable, flexible monthly service plans starting at $39.99. Dry Dock plan allows you to put your plan on hold for only $9.95/month but still maintain access to email when you are not cruising. Sentry monitoring starts at $10/month with an active service plan. mazu iPad app can always be used on cellular or Wi-Fi without using your satellite service plan.

What's in the Box?

  • mazu Communicator
  • mazu Smart Antenna with 30’ cable
  • mazu Keypad with 6’ cable
  • mazu Power Cable

*iPad not included

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