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Ocean Breeze Marine Speaker Spacer f/JL Audio MX/M3/M6/M Series 7.7" Speaker - .75" - White

Ocean Breeze Marine Speaker Spacer f/JL Audio MX/M3/M6/M Series 7.7" Speaker - .75" - White

Speaker Spacer for JL Audio MX/M3/M6/M Series 7.7" Speaker - .75" - White

Don't have enough depth to install your speaker/subwoofer?  Problem solved these spacer rings give you that extra space needed to mount your speaker/subwoofer.


  • Thickness - .75"
  • Edge - 1/16" Round
  • Outer Diameter - 7.70" or 196 mm
  • Bolt Hole Circle Diameter - 6.92" or 176 mm
  • Mounting Hole Diameter - 6.25" or 159 mm

Compatible With 7.7":

  • M6-770X-C-GwGw, M6-770X-S-GmTi, M6-770X-S-GwGw, M6-770X-C-GwGw-i, M6-770X-S-GmTi-i and M6-770X-S-GwGw-i
  • M3-770-S-Gw-i, M3-770-S-Gm-i, M3-770-C-Gw, M3-770-S-Gw and M3-770-S-Gm
  • M770-CCS-CG-WH, M770-CCS-SG-WH, M770-CCS-CG-TB, M770-CCS-SG-TB, M770-TCX-CG-WH, M770-TCX-SG-WH, M770-TCX-CG-TB, M770-TCX-SG-TB, M770-TCS-CG-WH, M770-TCS-SG-WH, M770-TCS-CG-TB,
    M770-TCS-SG-TB, M770-CCX-CG-WH, M770-CCX-SG-WH, M770-CCX-CG-TB, and M770-CCX-SG-TB

*Sold as a Pair 

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