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Vesper Cortex V1 - VHF Radio w/SOTDMA SmartAIS & Remote Vessel Monitoring - Only Works in North America

Vesper Cortex V1 - VHF Radio w/SOTDMA SmartAIS & Remote Vessel Monitoring - Only Works in North America

**As the FCC requires all units sold in the US to be programmed by a qualified technician. Please submit the form below for programming at the time of purchase. A copy of the MMSI Registration or FCC Ship Station License is required along with the vessel master or owner's signature on the completed programming form. **

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Cortex V1 - VHF Radio with SOTDMA SmartAIS & Remote Vessel Monitoring - Only Works in North America

It will change your VHF experience forever. With an intuitive touchscreen handset engineered for durability, the Cortex V1 is a communications hub that integrates strong, clear audio with the power of AIS collision avoidance — plus remote systems monitoring and control from onboard or ashore.

Product Overview:

  • VHF - The world's most advanced VHF with multi-station wireless touchscreen handsets
  • AIS - Class B SOTDMA smartAIS transponder with an integrated splitter
  • Monitor - Track, and control, whether onboard or ashore


  • This Cortex model is made to function ONLY in North America
  • Includes M1 hub, tethered H1 handset, and accessories
  • Built-in Class B SOTDMA with no-loss antenna splitter
  • Built-in WiFi and Cellular connectivity on monitoring onboard and ashore
  • Low power consumption hub
  • 10Hz GPS antenna
  • 4-inch multi-touch display with gorilla glass for maximum durability
  • Single hand operation with the click wheel and dedicated buttons
  • Wet and glove capable touchscreen
  • Optically bonded display for wide-angle and sunlight viewability, even in the harshest midday sun
  • 85 dBA of crystal-clear audio
  • Combined AIS and VHF display with voiced alerts
  • Touch a vessel onscreen for direct calling (DSC)

VHF Reimagined

  • A revolution in marine technology that will change your VHF experience forever
  • An intuitive touchscreen that is engineered for durability to withstand the rigors of the harsh marine environment
  • Audio that's as loud as a train but clear as a bell
  • The future of VHF is here

The power of VHF and AIS combined

  • Cortex is the world's first VHF with high speed SOTDMA AIS transponder technology, making your boat visible to others
  • A built-in heading sensor tells other vessels your direction, helping them more accurately predict potential collisions
  • Be armed with critical information about vessels, AIS marks (AtoNs) and man overboard devices on your MFD, mobile or Cortex handset

Collision Avoidance & One-Touch DSC

  • Cortex continuously calculates crossing situations and generates collision alarms for critical action 
  • Alerts if your anchor is dragging, and activates MOB alarms for immediate retrieval 
  • Instead of ambiguous bells or tones, Cortex sounds the alarm with voiced alerts that escalate until acknowledged
  • Continuously view crossing situations, navigation light sectors, and complete trial maneuvers while talking on the VHF radio
  • Initiate direct calls (DSC) with other vessels by simply tapping the vessel on your handset touchscreen 
  • Initiate VHF calls to friends or quickly hail another vessel when every second counts


  • Cortex combines built-in sensors and NMEA2000 connectivity with free basic monitoring 
  • Using cellular connectivity, you can view twice-daily updates of power, location, wind, depth, bilge, temperature, and more on their smartphones 
  • The Cortex Monitor Premium subscription unlocks real-time vessel status, instant alerts, and device control for boat systems like refrigerators, icemakers, lights, or heaters

Anchor Watch

  • Sleep soundly or explore with abandon knowing that your boat is exactly where you anchored it
  • By combining your position and heading, Cortex will determine if your anchor drags 
  • If your boat moves outside your anchor swing radius the alarm will sound on Cortex handsets and your smartphone
  • Receive alerts while ashore via the Cortex Monitor App on your smartphone
  • Cortex will keep watch and alert you about changes in water depth, wind speed, or direction while you are anchored

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