Become A Dealer

Inbound Order Files

If you have order files from your store you need to transfer to us, then rest assured it will be stress free with CWR. In most cases, we can do all the translating and reformatting to create the orders in our system.

Outbound Shipment Files

CWR can also format files regarding tracking information, allowing you to upload into your system. No need to sit down and key in the data yourself. We'll take care of that, allowing you to keep track of your orders.

Product Related Files

Rather than spend huge amounts of time entering every bit of data onto your site regarding our 18,000-plus products, we provide you with product related files that can seamlessly integrate into your own site.

Keep Integration Costs Low

Our flexible data structures allow us to easily match your data templates, there's no need for a custom built data template to get our products onto your site, saving everyone's time and saving your money.

Become a CWR dealer and get:

  • Wholesale pricing from over 300 brands
  • No minimum order
  • Flat rate shipping as low as $9.95
  • Free FTP and website integration