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Smoove isn't just a product company, but started as professional boat and yacht detailers, captains, and yacht brokers. Smoove spent years watching clients wash away their wax layer and damage their gel coat with the typical pine and citrus based washes. So Smoove did something about it. After years of in field testing, Smoove Ultimate Boat Wash was born as an industry leader in breaking away dirt and maintaining your wax layer.

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We offer some of the most competitive pricing in the wholesale marine business. Not only can we provide the items you need, but at a cost low to you so that you can provide a deal to your customers and turn a solid profit.

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With over 18,000 products in stock and our ability to leverage relationships with over 300 manufacturers that other distributors don't have, CWR Wholesale Distribution can offer you the best inventory at the best prices year round. No hassle.

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  • Wholesale pricing from over 300 brands
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