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What is product automation?

Put simply, it is integration of our catalog with your website, on your terms. CWR can seamlessly sync our catalog with your site, including the adding and updating of products. You choose the products, we do the rest. We can do it for free too!

Focus on what's important

No more tedious data entry! New products are added, as are new prices, information, and pictures. The best part? It happens automatically, which means you can focus on more important matters, furthering and improving your business.

A high-quality website is essential

A reliable, easy-to-use site is imperative in today's business world. Without it, you are severely handicapping your business and your competitors can easily outpace you. CWR is here to help you start and maintain an attractive, up-to-date and responsive website for your business.

We do the heavy lifting

When you use CWR, you do none of the heavy lifting. Tell us what products you want on your site and we'll integrate it seamlessly so that it will be ready for your customers. No effort on your part or that of your team, with all of the benefits of our products and service. It's that simple.


Once your site is set up with CWR, your products' stock, price, descriptions and everything else are all updated automatically. When a product is outdated, it is removed and replaced. When we have a sale on our products, it will show up on your site too. All in under 24 hours, with inventory updating every 2 hours. No micromanaging, no constant updating on your end.

Still Have Questions?

How often will my store be updated?
With the API, inventory quantities are automatically updated every 2 hours, pricing of products are updated every 6 hours and any removal of items happens once a day. In the end, sites using the API are never more than 24 hours out of sync with our system.
How do you access my store?
You can easily add one of us, here in the WebHelp department, as a staff member or employee of your store. During the initial setup process, it is easiest to add us as a user with full admin access. By doing so we can access and generate the API information; as well as, fully monitor the automation process. After the setup process has completed, you can ramp down our permissions to whatever level you feel most comfortable.
What if my store is already full of CWR products and I want to switch to automation?
Depending on your store’s platform and the numbering convention of the product, there's a slight chance we will have to delete all CWR products initially. Once we repopulate your store with your selected CWR products our system will have IDs for each product. This will allow the automation system to update the products.
Once my store is automated, can I stop the automation?
Yes, you can end the automation at any time with a quick email to
Can I edit the products in my store?
Any product fields that we populate with our automation, we keep up-to-date. If you'd like control over certain fields, please let us know so that our system doesn't overwrite any changes you have made.
I also sell products from another distributor--can I still take part in the product automation?
Our automation will not affect any products from other distributors. The product automation will only update products from CWR.
Will my orders also be automatically picked up?
No, order entry is not part of the product automation. The product automation will only sync our online catalog with your store. You can either submit orders manually through CWR's website or upload orders via an FTP account. If you'd like to submit orders via an FTP account, please contact

Select a platform for your online store

Decide what to sell in your store

Whether you want to sell all the products in our catalog or just some, or if you’re focusing on selling select brands or categories, it's up to you and we can set it up for you.

Understand Pricing

Flat Markup Percentage Tiered Markup
All products are marked up by x% Products are affected by markups based on it's price range. For example, $0 to $20 will be marked up by x%, $20 to $50 marked up by y%, and $50+ marked up by z%.

Your prices are yours to choose. Fill out the form below or contact us at the bottom of the page for more information or assistance.

Become a CWR dealer and get:

  • Wholesale pricing from over 300 brands
  • No minimum order
  • Flat rate shipping as low as $9.95
  • Free FTP and website integration