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ASEA Power Systems DBT12 GEN2 Dock Boost Transformer

ASEA Power Systems DBT12 GEN2 Dock Boost Transformer

DBT12 GEN2 Dock Boost Transformer

The smart isolation boosting transformer. The Dock Boost Transformer (DBT) provides precision voltage regulation to the vessel, delivering complete protection from the most common shore power problems, including brownouts, spikes, sags, and low-line or high-line voltage conditions from the dock power pedestal. The DBT also provides three levels of boost to keep your ship powered even when input voltages sag by 35%.

The DBT features a compact and lightweight footprint. By providing an industry-recognized mounting pattern, it will fit as the perfect replacement for new construction or retrofit applications (direct replacement for the Charles Iso-Boost).

The DBT12/15 accepts any input voltage ranging from 167 V-270 V (47-70 Hz) and provides a Split phase 120/240V or 115/230 V output nominal. The DBT24 accepts nominal voltages of 230, 400V, and 480V - each with the same wide range – to provide a 115/230V Split phase output.


  • Drop-in replacement for the Charles Iso-boost
  • 3 boosting levels utilizing a smart tap system
  • Lightweight and compact at 127lbs
  • Industry-recognized mounting pattern
  • The wide input range of 167-270 VAC
  • Parallelable for advanced applications
This product may not be returned to the original point of purchase. Please contact the manufacturer directly with any issues or concerns.

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