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KVH Starlink Flat Panel Terminal w/Wedge Mount - Gen 3 WiFi Router & 25M (82') PoE Cable Included

KVH Starlink Flat Panel Terminal w/Wedge Mount - Gen 3 WiFi Router & 25M (82') PoE Cable Included

Starlink Flat Panel Terminal w/Wedge Mount - Gen 3 WiFi Router & 25M (82') PoE Cable Included

The Power and Reliability of KVH the Speed of Starlink

Keep your family, friends, and crew connected when you turn to KVH for a Starlink high-performance terminal, as a standalone solution, or as part of a comprehensive hardware and service solution. Enjoy seamless, intelligent integration of Starlink’s speed and affordability (where available) with KVH’s white glove service, proven global HTS network, multi-channel hybrid connections, and outstanding performance.

Add a Starlink flat panel high-performance terminal to your yacht’s TracNet solution with our simple, single-cable installation and exclusive intelligent hybrid switching to ensure you enjoy the best and fastest communications at all times. For existing TracPhone® terminal users, an easy configuration update and single cable enables automatic switching between KVH’s global HTS network and Starlink for seamless connectivity.

Turn to KVH as your single source for a complete Starlink solution. Enjoy same-day shipping, unmatched customer satisfaction, and 24/7/365 live warranty support and global service through KVH's OneCare Global Support Program. Plus you can activate your Starlink through KVH when it's right for you.

Enhance your onboard communications with fast speeds, affordable data, and KVH's advanced, integrated services for enhanced security, connectivity, and versatility.

Starlink Available as a Standalone Solution or a Supplement to KVH’s Award-winning Connectivity Solutions

  • Starlink flat panel high-performance terminal and service with high-speed, low-latency Internet
  • Choice of KVH TracNet™ hybrid terminal with integrated global VSAT, 5G/LTE cellular, and shore-based Wi-Fi bridge, or TracPhone VSAT terminals
  • KVH ONE™ global hybrid network

Rely on the Speed of Starlink and the Support of KVH

  • Bringing connectivity to your customers has never been so easy.
  • Enhance your onboard communication offerings with Starlink and KVH, the world leader in marine connectivity.

Unmatched customer satisfaction with easy activation through KVH

  • When you order Starlink from KVH, customers are activated when it's right for them (unlike other Starlink suppliers, who start billing for monthly service after shipping).
  • KVH offers live 24/7/365 Starlink activation service plus plan change and service pause requests!
  • Rapid activation and no delays mean your customers are always connected while onboard.

Superior performance with KVH connectivity and intelligent hybrid switching

  • For yacht owners who want the most reliable, versatile connectivity solution afloat, we can help you offer:

Seamless, intelligent integration of Starlink’s speed and affordability with:

  • KVH’s proven global HTS network 
  • Multi-channel connections
  • Network management devices
  • NMEA award-winning TracNet hybrid antennas with VSAT, 5G/LTE, and Wi-Fi all under one dome


  • Ultra high-speed data rates (as fast as 350 Mbps down)
  • Ultra-affordable data (as low as $1.00 per GB)
  • “Best effort” low latency LEO network
  • End-to-end data encryption
  • Fully deployed global satellite network

In the Box:

  • Flat-High Performance Antenna
  • Wedge Mount
  • Power supply w/ wall mount
  • 25m (82') PoE Cable
  • 5m (16.5') Ethernet Cable
  • 1.8m (6') AC Cable f/ Power Supply
  • Gen 3 Wi-Fi Router kit (mount sold separately) w/ Starlink plug, RJ45 cover, power supply and cables
  • 1.5m (5') Gen 3 Router Ethernet Cable
  • 1.5m (5') Gen 3 Router AC Power Cable
  • American-to-European outlet plug adapter

KVH Starlink Tech Support Phone Number - 888-584-5714

KVH Starlink Activation Phone Number - 866-399-8509

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