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Digital Yacht iSeaSense Wireless Speed Depth Temp Pack Plus Wind

Digital Yacht iSeaSense Wireless Speed Depth Temp Pack Plus Wind

iSeaSense Wireless Speed Depth Temp Pack Plus Wind

Digital Yacht iSeaSense is a range of complete marine instrumentation packs based on NMEA 2000 and wireless connectivity. This pack includes speed, depth, temperature transducer plus wind sensor.

Digital Yacht iSeaSense is a range of complete marine instrumentation packs based on NMEA 2000 and wireless connectivity, allowing maximum flexibility and connectivity.  Choose from using phones, iPads, and tablets for boat data displays as well as 3rd party industry-standard instruments and multi-function displays.


You can access the iSeaSense dashboard through its web interface, just open your web browser, enter the iSeaSense’s IP address or iSeaSense.local and you will access the attractive dash to display all your instrument data. So no complicated programming software or app is required.

By default, iSeaSense has a series of pre-defined pages that display digital databoxes and analog “instruments” of the instrument and navigation data available on the NMEA 2000 network.

With iSeaSense you’re in control of the data you see. The pages are fully editable, so any databox can be configured for the information you want and you can easily add and remove databox to build your perfect display.  The configuration can also be saved and shared – ideal for standard configurations for production boats and OEMs.

Key Features:

  • Top quality and highly accurate sensors are used for boat depth, speed, wind, compass, and GPS data.  Data can be shared with other devices on the NMEA 2000 network too.
  • iSeaSense is easy to specify. Everything is included as two main starter packs for easy installation and ordering.  No app is needed either as the iSeaSense wireless server creates powerful graphical and numeric display pages that can be viewed via a browser on any device.
  • iSeaSense includes the WND100 wind sensor with 20m cable and an interface to “T” directly to the NMEA 2000 backbone.  It means there’s no heavy NMEA 2000 cabling to the top of the mast and no need for complex mast top terminations for the Wind Sensor.
  • iSeaSense also includes depth, speed, and temperature sensors.  A spatial sensor is also included for detecting pitch and roll and there’s a sophisticated algorithm for calibrating boat speed information based on heel.
  • A full NMEA 2000 backbone cabling back the wireless interface for connectivity and a spare cable and connection point for additional NMEA 2000 devices are included.
  • With NMEA 2000, expanding the system is easy and you can add any Digital Yacht’s instruments such as GPS, AIS, electronic compass, and more. You can also send the instrument data to your NMEA 2000 chart plotter or display.
  • iSeaSense features an easy-to-use web interface.  No apps are required. Simply open the browser on a connected device, navigate to iSeaSense.local, and the optimized touchscreen display is ready.
  • You can calibrate the wind sensor via the iSeaSense web interface and also displays true and apparent wind speed and angle plus VMG calculations.
  • The web interface works on iOS, Android, PC, Linux, and MAC – any standard web browser as well as e-ink displays like Kindle and e-book. It supports up to 3 connected devices with super fast 5Hz updates.
  • The data can also be used by 100 popular navigation apps & software such as Navionics, TZ iBoat, OpenCPN, SailGrib, etc.

iSeaSense Pack Features:

  • Pack includes iSeaSense wireless server, NMEA 2000 cabling, and advanced boat depth, speed, and temperature transducer with pitch and heel sensor
  • Pack also includes WND100 mast head wind sensor – adding wind data to the system and network
  • Easy to install mast head unit with 20m cable and NMEA 2000 interface
  • iSeaSense server creates beautiful graphic display pages of data with fast 5Hz updates viewable on any smartphone, tablet, or iPad
  • Advanced calibration routing is available for the transducer with corrections for the boat heel and transducer location
  • Calibrate the wind sensor via the iSeaSense interface
  • Includes extra NMEA 2000 T piece for system expansion allowing easy addition of sensors or displays

Interface Features:

  • NMEA 2000 interface and wireless gateway for iSeaSense system. Integrated instrument display page server.
  • Configurable display pages for depth, speed, temp, time, GPS, wind, navigation, and compass
  • Network diagnostics, settings, and calibration capability
  • Data logging
  • Self-powered from NMEA 2000 backbone
  • Integrated wifi antenna typically footprints boats up to 20m
  • Supports additional TCP/IP and UDP data connections for 3rd party apps on up to 7 connected devices (outputs GPS, AIS, depth, wind, and speed information from NMEA 2000 bus)

Transducer Features:

  • Transducer for depth, boat speed, water temperature, and boat heel/pitch with fast, super accurate 5Hz speed updates from 0.3 to 45 knot
  • Data Update Rate: Depth: 1X/second, Speed: 5X/second, Heel/Trim: 10X/second
  • 235KHz depth operation to minimize interference with 50/200KHz fish finders and sounders
  • Max depth 100m
  • Supports up to 22-degree hull deadrise
  • Supplied with 6m NMEA 2000 cable and self-powered from iSeaSense NMEA 2000 backbone
  • Standard 2” thru hull size/diameter
  • Includes Bluetooth interface for advanced calibration and set-up features if required
  • Stainless steel and bronze skin fittings available as an option

Wind Sensor Features:

  • The WND200 package comprises a WND100 mast head unit plus iKonvert NMEA 0183-2000 interface supporting 5Hz fast wind mode
  • 8-18V power with ultra-low 25mA power consumption
  • Supplied with 20m ultra thin 4mm masthead cable for easy cable runs through mast (4 core screened)
  • iKonvert NMEA 2000 interface included for system integration
  • Wind angle accuracy is better than 4 degrees
  • Wind speed accuracy better than 3%
  • Min wind speed 1.7 knots – max 80 knots
  • Settling time typically 1.3 seconds

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