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Digital Yacht Nomad 2 Portable AIS w/GV30

Digital Yacht Nomad 2 Portable AIS w/GV30

Nomad 2 Portable AIS with GV30

Nomad 2 is a portable AIS transponder from Digital Yacht. Designed for recreational boaters and professional mariners, it offers a full-function Class B AIS transponder with a wireless and USB interface built in for tablets and PCs—all in a portable, compact package.

It incorporates an innovative USB power solution, therefore allowing the Nomad to be powered from any standard USB source. This can include low-cost 3rd-party battery packs, a USB PC connection, or 12V USB adaptors/cigarette lighter adaptors. It ships with a compact combination of AIS and GPS antenna, which allows the main unit to be used below decks on all types of vessels – leisure, and commercial.

It addresses the needs of so many boaters who want a portable yet sophisticated navigation solution with AIS and GPS and the ability to interface with tablets, PCs, and smartphones. It appeals to charter skippers, professional mariners like delivery skippers and pilots, as well as boat owners who don’t want the hassle or cost of installing a dedicated transponder and like the concept of easy iPad and tablet navigation using their favorite charting apps with a detailed AIS overlay and real-time GPS positioning. As a full-function Class B transponder, it also sends the boat position to other AIS users.

Nomad 2 has a built-in wireless interface for outputting GPS position data and AIS. It’s designed for use with an iPad, tablet, phone, or PC in conjunction with any compatible charting app or program—Navionics, NavLINK, Weather 4D, AquaMap, Imray, SailGrib, and 100’s more.

The unit can also act as an AIS/GPS receiver only if MMSI and specific boat data are not available.


Nomad 2 has a built-in web interface. The configuration of the transponder can be done through a computer, a tablet, or even a smartphone, and most importantly, no software is required.

You can configure the Nomad 2 through its simple web interface. Just open the web browser, enter the Nomad 2’s IP address, and users can configure the vessel details (MMSI number, boat name, etc.), network name, and password, and even merge the AIS’s WiFi to an existing WiFi network on board. So no complicated programming software or app is required.

You can even view the received NMEA data in the web browser for easy fault-finding. Finally, Nomad 2 supports TCP and UDP network protocols for maximum compatibility with apps.


  • The perfect AIS solution for charter users, rental boats, delivery skippers, pilots, commercial users, etc.
  • Full-function Class B transponder (send and receive AIS)
  • Supplied with a combination GPS-VHF antenna that has an industry standard 1” threaded mount – suitable for many 3rd party deck, rail, and pole mounts
  • Integrated wireless and USB interfaces – compatible with 100s AIS-ready charting apps
  • USB powered
  • Easy programming and control through a wireless web interface – no apps required
  • Silence transmissions via the web interface
  • Supports up to 7 connected devices
  • Creates its access point and also can join an existing wireless network if required


  • Weight: 1200 g
  • Dimensions: 245 × 165 × 100 mm

What’s inside the Box?

  • Nomad Class B Transponder
  • 3db Wifi Antenna
  • Integrated USB (Type A) Power Data Cable
  • GV30 Combination AIS/GPS Antenna With 5m Cable And Connectors
  • Instructions

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