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Digital Yacht CO Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm w/NMEA 2000

Digital Yacht CO Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm w/NMEA 2000

CO Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm with NMEA 2000

The lethal nature of CO means every boat should be protected with a local alarm.  Of course, a typical household alarm could be installed but these have limitations for onboard use.  They utilize an internal battery which will often expire when left for long periods – it’s all too easy to forget to replace with seasonal use on a boat.  What’s more, just a local alarm in a cabin with a crew member sleeping and the vessel underway with the noise of an engine is unlikely to be effective.  CO Alert from Digital Yacht is built for demanding, maritime environments plus has NMEA 2000 integration so alerts will pop up on the boat’s compatible MFD.

CO Alert creates a standard NMEA 2000 alert PGN which allows pop-up alarms on compatible MFDs.  (At present, this functionality is best implemented by Garmin).

The system can also be expanded further with our NavAlert general-purpose alert and monitoring device and our 4GX/5GX internet access systems.  With this combination, SMS messages can be generated for a CO Alert and sent to a remote phone.


  • DC-powered and UL-listed detector
  • Connects to NMEA 2000 bus
  • Ultra-low power consumption (<25mA)
  • Local loud alarm
  • Test function & continuous checking for system fault
  • NMEA 2000 alerts for activation and fault
  • Multi cabin compatible with multiple detectors (NMEA 2000 instance field programmable)

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