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Wicahrd Self-Locking Long D Shackle - Diameter 5mm - 3/16"

Wicahrd Self-Locking Long D Shackle - Diameter 5mm - 3/16"

Self-Locking Long D Shackle - Diameter 5mm - 3/16"


  • Self-locking long shackle forged in grade 316L stainless steel
  • The pin is locked into one of the indentations
  • No risks of loosening due to vibrations
  • Outstanding working and breaking loads
  • WLL: only for industrial applications
  • CE Marking and batch number


  • Standard applications of shackle requiring more length
  • Attachment applications: blocks, head...


  • Materials 316 stainless steel grade
  • Working load (lb) 880
  • WLL (lb) 440
  • Breaking load (lb) 2200
  • Weight (lb) 0.037

Dimensions (see 2nd image):

  • A (inch) 1-9/64"
  • B (inch) 25/64"
  • C (inch) 13/64"
  • D (inch) 25/64"
  • D diameter (inch) 13/64"
  • E (inch) 5/32"
  • F (inch) 1-39/64"
  • G (inch) 1-1/32"

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