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Raymarine Augmented Reality Pack - CAM300 Camera and the AR200

Raymarine Augmented Reality Pack - CAM300 Camera and the AR200

Augmented Reality Pack with CAM300, AR200, STNG, 1M Cable T-Piece, 10M RayNet Cable

Make Smarter Decisions with ClearCruise Augmented Reality

ClearCruise™ AR (Augmented Reality) brings enhanced on-water awareness to Raymarine’s family of Axiom® chartplotters. With ClearCruise AR, you can make smarter decisions with physical navigation objects overlaid directly on Axiom’s high-definition video display.

CAM300 - Crystal Clear, Ultra-Wide Field of View

The CAM300 mini day/night IP camera is a wide field-of-view visible camera designed for Raymarine Axiom chartplotters. Equipped with an HD video sensor, the CAM300 transforms Axiom into a powerful onboard video observation system. Use the CAM300 to monitor blind spots, check in on the crew, or watch and record all fishing action from the helm. Combine the CAM300 with the Raymarine AR200 sensor and make smarter navigation decisions using ClearCruise augmented reality to overlay AIS targets, waypoints, and chart objects on the Axiom video display.


  • Crystal clear HD video imagery
  • View up to 4 CAM300 video streams simultaneously on a single Axiom display
  • 3MP CMOS sensor delivers up to 1080p resolution
  • Built-in infrared emitters for excellent near-field low-light visibility up to 33 ft (10 meters)
  • Ultra-compact size blends seamlessly with your vessel. 
  • Image flip and invert functions for ball-up/ball-down installation and reverse video system applications.
  • Flexible mounting solutions as the entire camera ball rotates in the housing
  • Easy to install with either a direct 12-volt connection or single cable Power over Ethernet (POE)
  • Rugged IP66 enclosure for below and above-deck marine installations
  • Navigate smarter with ClearCruise™ augmented reality and the optional AR200 sensor
  • ONVIF Profile S compatible integration with 3rd party security systems

AR200 - Video stabilization, GPS, and heading sensor for ClearCruise Augmented Reality on Axiom chartplotters

The AR200 is a unique marine sensor and video stabilization module consisting of a GPS (GNSS) receiver and an Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) sensor. The AR200 provides GPS position, compass heading, pitch, and roll data to Axiom chartplotters. Combined with a compatible marine camera, the AR200's video stabilization capabilities enable ClearCruise™ Augmented Reality features available on Axiom chartplotters. 

Make Smarter Decisions

See critical navigation objects overlaid on HD video. Surrounding AIS-equipped vessel traffic and charted navigation aids are clearly identified with rich graphics on a live, dynamic video image.

Recognize and Respond to Nearby Marine Traffic

Color-coded labels provide instant identification, status, and risk assessment of Live AIS Targets. ClearCruise AR provides positive identification of AIS-equipped vessels on the horizon.

Understand Complex Navigational Situations

Major chart objects are identified for an instant, heads-up recognition. ClearCruise AR technology shows you visually where your saved waypoints and marks are located.

See your waypoints in the real world

Visualize nearby marks and waypoints for easy navigation. ClearCruise AR technology makes it easy to pick out the buoys marking the edges of the safe channel on a hazy day.

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